Gateway Community Church




We're here for everyone:

Gateway Community Church moved into Speight's Corner on Easter Sunday 2011. We were formed to provide easy access to a Pentecostal Church preaching the Word of God for those based in the neighbourhood of the southern part of Kettering. You'll receive a very warm welcome and sound teaching from the Bible to equip you for life in today's world. 

Our Sunday services are geared to providing spiritual food for those who want to hear from the Lord  getting our lives right before God the Father through Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit's help.


A section of our meetings is given to praising God and we always make time to have a message from the word of God. The preaching is motivational and inspirational, encouraging believers to develop their true potential for the Lord. Regular workshops aim to develop our gifts and talents for works of Christian service. We also rejoice to see people freed from life controlling issues such as anger, jealousy and misery as well as alcohol, pornography or prescription drugs through our courses.

Gateway Community Church was nominated by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation for an award for:

•Making a difference to the lives of people going through times of stress

•Supporting people at their most vulnerable

•Making a lasting impact and real difference to people’s lives in times of difficulty
•Actively turning people’s lives around at a point where they may be feeling vulnerable, powerless and without hope

Pentecostal Church window Speight's Corner Kettering

Sundays at 5pm

Photograph from Tony Smith's Kettering

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